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The running leg can make or break a race, but the proper training and preparation will help you finish your race strong and smiling!

Broadly speaking, your running week schedule should have three main components (We have dedicated running sessions each week to cover each component):

  • Track/speed session (Monday nights with Tom or Fri night with Sylvain)
  • Tempo session (Wednesday nights with Caroline)
  • Long slow run (Sunday morning with Caroline)

To figure out what speed you should be doing these sessions at, use a recent race time and follow the pace table predictors below to get an idea of your different speeds. Be warned these times are predictions IF you do the training!!


Then use this level to find out what your objective marathon time should be and hence what your different pace should be for each different type of session.

*note these calculations and all goals and objectives are indicative and do not guarantee results (especially if you don’t do the sessions 😉

As a rule of thumb, your track session should be close to your 5km race pace, your tempo pace should be run at your half marathon race pace and the long slow run should be an easy conversational pace (slower than your marathon pace).

Sample track session:

A 2 lap warmup of the 400m running track at Stade Emile Anthoine followed by the following at 5km race pace:

1x400m @30 sec rest
1x800m @30 sec rest
1x1200m @30 sec rest

1x1200m @30 sec rest
1x800m @30 sec rest
1x400m @30 sec rest

Sample tempo session:

15 minute warm up, 3 (or 4) X 2km runs at tempo pace along Les Berges (it is bright with street lights even in the Winter!) and 15 minute cool down. As the season continues we will build up to progression runs, i.e. 15 minute warm up, 15 mins at marathon pace, 15 mins at half marathon pace and 5 mins at 10 km pace. These fast finishes help simulate the end of a race and how to push your body when it’s tired. (Depending on your target race distance these tempo sessions can be easily adapted.)

Sample long run:

An approximately 90 minute run at a constant pace, we try and take in one of the Bois or else coulee vertes to get some fresh air out of Paris. You should be able to talk to your other runners, if you are out of breath slow down! This run is to get miles in your legs and is long enough if you are training for 5km, 10km and half marathon distances. If a marathon or Iron man is your target than you will need to run longer in these sessions.

Running Form:

Although one of the most accessible of sports, running is also the sport most likely to cause injuries because its high impact nature, which is why we highly recommend all members to take part in at least one of the coached running sessions per week.
We also recommend all runners join the Core/Abdo class on Monday nights with Kathryn and the PPG session with Sylvain on Thursday evenings. These sessions help strengthen your core and leg muscles, crucial to good running form.

Tracking Progress:

Starting in February, Wednesday night every 6 weeks we will hold a 5km time trial so you can keep track of your progress. This is also a great way to find runners of similar speeds and ambitions. In addition to the 5km time trial we will also hold a VMA test. Keep an eye on meet-up for these sessions!

RankingNameFebruary 2017March 2017May 2017July 2017October 2017
3Adrien Obry18:11:00--
5James Dydra18:35:00-18:42:00
6Tom Scott18:49:00-18:49:0018:55:0018:28
9Eduardo Larrain19:24:00--
10Philippe Stadnik19:36:0019:40:00--19:20
19Thomas Gudefin--18:00:00
21Guillaume Billon--20:54:00-20:20
23Max Dunhill---23:07:00
24Louise Caron---27:30:00
28Harriet Rees----20:57
29Natalia Jaime----22:21
31Meghan Hughes-Hal­lett----19:53
32Patrick Tisserand----22:04
33Max Dunhill----22:37