General Maintenance

  • Rinse your bike, esp after a winter ride, but also after riding over wet roads – if you don’t have a garage or access to a hose, you can use your bathtub.

    If you don’t have a bathtub, move to somewhere that has a bathtub or become very good friends with someone with a bathtub… and bring them wine or beer – or use babywipes.

  • Chain – cleaning and lubing after every long ride (check wear with guide once per month) – that’s why you need lots of rags. Never grease a chain – it attracts dirt and leads to increased wear.

  • Check tires for wear, damage and objects – deflate, walk surface through your hands, carefully (frequency: at least once month and before every race)

  • Lube cables and housing

    • Replace cables and housing every 5k km – esp. shifter cables; have your LBS (Local Bike Shop) replace the handlebar tape at the same time (looks and feels like a new bike)

  • Lube shifters – a drop here or there once a month

  • Brake pads – replace when close to wear line. Most models have inserts,

  • Tires – replace every three years, even if not worn; rubber ages and can separate from carcass.

  • Bottom bracket – LBS once per year; ask them to open, clean, and grease it.

  • Chain replacement (use chain guide frequently, work may be done by LBS)

  • Cleats – replace when they are worn or there is too much play when clipped in and check the retaining bolts before and after every long ride


Here is a list of useful and accurate tutorial videos:  Global Cycling Network – Maintenance Monday Series

Have you found other great how-to vids? Please share in the comments below….


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