Long Distance Challenge 2016

Expatriés Long Distance Challenge 2016

This is the main trophy for those competing in long distance races (half-Ironman, Ironman etc).


  1. There is no limit to the number of races you can do. However, only the points from your best 2 will count.
  2. Any official long distance triathlon, wherever in the world it may be, will be eligible.
  3. Triathletes must have RSVP’d for the race on MeetUp so that their fellow Expatriés can see who’s racing and when. If the event is not on MeetUp, please schedule the race and one of the Event Organisers will make sure it is posted on the site.
  4. Points will be awarded according to where the triathlete finishes in their age-group: 150 points for finishing in the 1st decile, 140 points for the 2nd, 130 points for the 3rd etc. Minimum 60pts for any race starter (even if they retire).
  5. If age-group results are not available points will be awarded according to the triathletes’ finishing position in SF, SH, VF, & VH.
  6. Points coefficients – x1 for half-Ironman and x1.25 for Ironman (or longer distance) races.
  7. Non-standard distance races will be scored as per their equivalent standard race.
  8. If the swim is cancelled (e.g. due to the water temperature being below 12°C) but the race goes ahead as a duathlon, the scoring will be as #4 above.
  9. If there is a tie at the end of the season, the race officers will do a countback to determine the winner.
  10. In the event of any confusion/ambiguity the race officers’ decision will be final.
  11. At the Annual Awards Dinner a trophy will be awarded to the overall winner.

Current League Table

League TablePointsN° RacesRankAvge% Place
Chris Jamieson312.52113.5%
Alexander Leger2902212.1%
Luis Rojas2702320.1%
Ionut Pirva2502429.9%
Julien Ternynck227.52552.6%
Roberto Townshend2252655.2%
Tom Scott212.52760.7%
Vincent Brizon2102848.0%
Aurelie Stoven2102849.3%
Sebastien Guerin20021067.1%
Cat Thomas19021159.3%
Ross Taverner19021161.0%
Julio Aprea18021362.4%
Nicolas Bocquet18021369.6%
Farid Abderrezak18021364.3%
Aytug Akar17021670.6%
David Brulotte16021776.3%
Guillaume Richard15021877.4%
Alexandra Messager15021879.6%
Matthieu Flauraud15021881.3%
Antoine Eckly12012135.9%
Rodolphe Neuville11012247.4%
César Manrique11012247.9%
Louis Leclerc11012248.7%
Rajah El Jamali10012554.8%
Gauthier Bonnot10012555.3%
Sudeep Rangi10012555.7%
Mark Vallender10012556.7%
Hugo de Palmas10012559.7%
Julien Theulier9013068.6%
Nick Lamb8013173.1%
Daniel Garcia8013178.2%
Louise Waters8013176.9%
Philip Stadnick7013484.8%
Virgile Raingeard7013486.5%
Ed van de Logt7013489.1%
Fabrice Larrera de Morel7013486.0%
Duncan Low6013892.2%
Paul Guillochon6013893.1%
David Le Dorlot6013894.5%
Mareike Roewekamp60138100.0%
Manola Brizon60138n/a

Breakdown of results from individual events