Les Stables

Expatriés ‘Les Stables’ Tri-camp 2016

Wednesday 10th August – Wednesday 17th August

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We have a several 6-person apartments reserved for Expatriés at Les Stables training camp the week of the 10th August (weds-weds). Several team members have been on this camp over the last couple of years and it is highly recommended. It is also extremely good value for money at 408€ per person.

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The camp is self catering, but don’t let this put you off. There are options to eat out in the local restaurants. There is also a group BBQ night in the village and the last night is group pizzas made by the camp. Between us last year, it was c. 60-70€ each for food for the week.

Format includes bike or run sessions in the morning, followed by late afternoon swim technique sessions every day. One open water river swim, transition practice, then mini triathlon on the last day.

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We have paid the deposit in October, so please let me know your interest ASAP. There is the possibility that more apartments become available for the same week. Once I see how many people are interested, I can negotiate more spaces with them.

204€ deposit

This will reserve your place (highly limited) first come first serve

How do I book?

Send payment to the team – Club Payment Details Here
Also fill out the form below so we know to look for your payment and add you to the list !