Expatriés Challenge 2014

The Expatriés Challenge runs throughout the year and gives you the chance to score points in 5 different events, all at short-medium distances.

It is a great way to enjoy the sport either for new comers or for those seasoned athletes.

Open to everyone – Senior Men / Women  Veteran Men / Women

1 award per each category
*Minimum of 4 competitors in each age group, otherwise subject to change

5 scoring events – 2 wildcards member choice, Points scored depending either on position in team or category

  • Meudon / Paris Super Sprint
  • Moisson (Boucles de Seine) Sprint
  • %Wildcard Sartrouville / Dijon Sprint
  • Versailles Sprint
  • Enghien Olympic
  • %Wildcard Chantilly / Vichy Olympic


Points Scored