FFTRI License

FFTRI Licence

Valid from 01 September 2017 to 31 Decembre 2018

Useful if you are planning to do several competitions in France in 2017 / 2018

  • Can be used in place of a medical certificate for all swimming, running, cycling and multidiscipline sports competitions.
  • Without a license to take part in a Triathlon competition you will need to buy a «licence à la journée», and have a medical certificate.
  • License includes FFTRI Assurance which is mandatory for everything in France

Medical Certificate – full information and template from the FFTRI here

For the license to be valid you must send a copy of your Medical certificate to membership@expatries-triathlon.com


A new Easy 2 step process



2) Make payment (to the club) using link below

(other payment options here)


Click here to pay for a License renewal or a New Licence – 100€

Click here to pay for a late License renewals (after December 1st) or a Mutation from another club – 120€


Once payment has been validated your license will be processed in about 7 days, you will receive confirmation from the FFTRI once its valid and then you can download your License directly.