FFTRI License

FFTRI Licence

Valid from 01 September 2017 to 31 Decembre 2018

New Licence – 100€

(Renewals and Mutations – instructions are below)

Useful if you are planning to do several competitions in France in 2017 / 2018

  • Can be used in place of a medical certificate for all swimming, running, cycling and multidiscipline sports competitions.
  • Without a license to take part in a Triathlon competition you will need to buy a «licence à la journée», and have a medical certificate.
  • License includes FFTRI Assurance which is mandatory for everything in France

For the license to be valid you must sent a copy of your Medical certicficate to membership@expatries-triathlon.com

This medical certificate is then valid for the following 1 year, medical certificates dates AFTER July 2017 will be valid for 3 years.

Complete the information below

If you prefer to pay by cheque / bank transfer find club payment details here

Renewals ** Renewals after December 1st are treated as Late renewals**

If you already hold an FFTRI licence with Expatriés, and wish to renew it for 2018 season, then please just complete the form and pay as per a new request.

Late Renewals

Renewal requests made after December 1st 2017 are subject to a 20 € late admin charge.

First request your license is renewed on the FFTRI website ici, then pay the fee to Expatriés here

Mutation from another team

If you already hold a 2017 licence with another club and wish to transfer it to Expatriés, there is also a 20 € admin cost to pay to the FFTRI as well as the cost of the license

First request your license is changed to Expatriés on the FFTRI website ici, then pay the fee to Expatriés here