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FPP – Frequently posed problems

I want to join a club, but i’m not fit enough yet.

What ?? you don’t join a club once you are fit, you join a club to GET fit!

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I would like to do a triathlon but i’m not a good swimmer.

We have regular swim sessions and a great instructor, if you want to get better at swimming then just come along, for advice and most of all just get swimming!

I don’t have a bike / wetsuit.

These are investments you will eventually have to make however, we can help you out with where can i purchase antabuse to get you started.

The training sessions are not convenient for my schedule.

Team swim sessions are at fixed times due to pool availability, for other sessions we encourage members to use the meet-up site to propose training sessions at times and places which are convenient to you, at worst you might find another person who has the same schedule, and if it proves popular we can try and make it into a regular team session.