In terms of time spent, the ride is the most important part of the triathlon, accounting for around 40% of the total competition time, so its important to spend a co[cml_media_alt id='375']hometrainer[/cml_media_alt]rresponding amount of time on the bike training, unfortunately this is not easy to do if you live in central Paris.

A key piece of training materiel (other than the bike itself) is of course the home trainer, especially useful when you don’t have loads of time to train, or if the weather is not looking as warm and summery as you would like. Good to keep training up especially if you are using Sufferfest, and we suggest at least one session per week on the home trainer.

To help our members the team regularly organises 4 different types of ride, members are free to choose any ride to go along with, however as the ride is often led by a volunteer, it is very important that members joining a ride choose the right sort of ride, adapted to their own skills.

For all rides the Code of Conduct should be followed at all times.

The ride types we offer are..

Saturday Morning Brick Session

Cycling around Longchamps cycle track, with optional running as part of the session.

The session is open to all levels, and is required for new members before they start to take part in other ride types to assess competency. As its around a track speed doesn’t matter as we all meet up at the meeting point.

Work based

Session such as hill workouts or longer track interval training

This session is open to all levels (assuming minimum competency) and are for those who want help to increase speed / strength
The ride to the workout area is at relaxed ‘group’ pace, then members can do their own pace for the workout element.

Speed + Distance based

Going well outside Paris – often meeting on the train, members joining these types of ride must be strong competent riders. Route and average speed to maintain will be published before, as this constitutes training for other members, those joining the ride understand the possibility of being ‘dropped’ if they can’t keep up.

Social Ride

Again aiming to go well outside Paris – often meeting on the train, members joining these types of ride must be competent riders, however objective is to keep the group together and not necessarily to maintain a minimum speed. Route and target speed to maintain will be published before, however as this is just a social ride the rules are more flexible.