Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


Communication is what makes a good team great, and helps us all learn and share experiences, but with all the different methods of communicating, things can get a bit confusing, so we have developed some guidelines to help our members communicate efficiently…



They go in the Facebook group (
– How? Create an album for the event in the group, upload in the album. (Can be done from the phone and from the computer)

– Example, Sylvain could create an album for each training session where he takes photos, then he can post there and give coaching advice and technique on a more organized way than in Whatsapp.

– Why not on MeetUp? -> Because of privacy, MeetUp albums are visible to the public.

– Why not on WhatsApp -> Spam, not good for a central repository of past photos, roaming charges when we are traveling for competitions, etc.

Optional: Whatsapp Photo Dump club, for those that just cannot keep their photos in their pocket, as Julio to add you to the “Expatries Photo Dump” WhatsApp Group.

Facebook abstainers:

We have already analyzed other platforms where to upload the photos and videos. Facebook is still the most powerful one in terms of:

– Number of club members already there, interactivity between members and the photos.

– Archival: In 20 years we will still have proper and organized access to our Versailles 2016 Mudfest photos, photos are kept at high resolution.

– Privacy: Photos are visible to club members only.

It is possible to create a dummy Facebook account with a dummy email created in a free email provider (e.g. Gmail). This way you can call yourself whatever you wish, your boss will not find you there nor you will need to add as friends people you don’t want to. It is possible to have access to the group tool then.