• Bertrand Raymond

    Bertrand Raymond joined the team in 2016.

    A ‘forever’ competitive swimmer and more recent triathlete, he has been coaching swimming for 20 years.
    He holds a BEESAN diploma and runs a sports camp in Aveyron specializing in swim technique for triathlon.

    He is available for individual coaching with team members upon request.

  • Aytug Akar
    Aytug Akar

    Aytug is an International Triathlon Union (ITU) Level 2 Triathlon Coach/Technical Official and joined Expatries in 2015

    Middle East Technical University (METU) Phy.Edu. & Sport Science Graduate / METU Sports Management (MS) / DEJEPS
    Formal National Triathlete
    12 Years Turkish Navy Triathlon Coach
    3 Years Turkish Military Triathlon Coach (Army/Navy/Air Force )
    3 x CISM World Military Olympics Triathlon Team Coach
    2 x Turkish Triathlon Champion Team Coach

    He is available for individual coaching with team members upon request.

  • Valentino Palmieri
    Valentino Palmieri

    Professeur d’EPS, titulaire d’un Bac +5 STAPS avec une mention complémentaire « entrainement sportif. »

    Entraineur de plusieurs athlètes de niveau national en passant du 800m au marathon. Ancien athlète sur 800m puis converti au triathlon par la suite, la course à pied reste mon domaine de prédilection.

    J’encadre les séances où l’accent est mis sur la technique et sur un travail de VMA.

    Je propose également des cours privés sur demande.

  • Marius Raymond
    Marius Raymond

    Marius Raymond 21 years old

    BPJEPS AAN diploma since 2021. He has been a swimmer since I was little and competed in swimming up to the regional level. He  started triathlon in 2015 and he does it from time to time.

    He has been practising bodybuilding in parallel since 2017 and aims to compete in the years to come. This is his first year of swimming coaching.

  • Clément Boissière
    Clément Boissière

    Clément  joined « Expatries » club in 2021.

    Clément practised Swimming, then SwimRun, & started practising triathlon 3 years ago. He has been a swim coach for 20 years, of which 15 years as professional coach of swimmers from regional to international level. For the past 3 years, he has been training triathletes & runners.

    In professional life, he is a Physical Education teacher in primary school. He holds a BEES 2nd degree in swimming, as well as triathlon federal certificates 4th & 5th degree.

    He is coaching during the Thursday morning swimming sessions.

    Clément  can offer private lessons on request




César joined the Expatries club in 2014. For a long time he was exclusively a “pool” swimmer that enjoyed an occasional open water competition. Triathlon has given him the opportunity to know the joys (and sufferings) of running and cycling.



I discovered the Expatriés Triathlon club in 2017 by discussing with a friend of mine about our next sport’s challenge.
I run several 10km and half marathons but my favourite sports have always been horse riding and tennis. So why Triathlon? Because I’ve always wanted to learn how to swim and because to me Triathlon also is a sport close to nature with a good spirit.
After buying my bike in 2018 I completed 2 S distances (Choisy au bac and Mont-Blanc) and my first M (Naturman)
The main reason why I am a manager is that I wanted to be part of this amazing international sports community after the first training I have done with the team and help them in all the beautiful ongoing and future projects.


An experienced marathon runner when he joined the team in 2009 Nick worked hard to improve his swimming and cycling and completed his first Ironman distance in 2011.
Since then he has notched up over 100 Triathlons, Duathlons, Bike&Runs, Aquathlons, Cycling and Running competitions, of all distances and is now happy with the ultimate goal of just staying fit!


Loving sport but having a deficit of it for 10 years, he joined the club in 2018 with the firm objectivies to practice again and kick out bad excuses to stay in the sofa watching triathlon at the TV. The club brought him sports, friendship and more.


Kathryn took up triathlon in 2013 after 10 years of competitive rowing and deciding to put her rowing thighs to good use on the bike. Cycling is her preferred discipline, but having overcome her fear of open water swimming, she is now competent in all three elements of triathlon. She is passionate in her role as manager at motivating others, including at her core/HIIT training sessions on a Monday night.


A regular runner and swimmer Sonia completed her first triathlon in 2015, shortly after she bought her first bike as an adult and has been doing triathlons ever since. Looking to improve all three disciplines Sonia joined the Expatriés in 2017 to benefit from the support of a team and experience of the coaches.


Tobias, a club member since 2019, has been doing triathlons since 2007. After one especially long walk in a painfully long triathlon he decided to put the long distance on (permanent?) hold and to involve himself more in organizing club life. You can find him in the Bois de Boulogne, in the Chevreuse and on the track. Not so much in pools.

Frédéric joined the club to resume training and apéros more seriously in the multicultural and cool vibe that is specific to Expatriés. The idea was also to have other triathlon competition experiences but this project was postponed so far due to Covid and then due to apéros. He is particularly involved in helping new members to feel welcome into the club and in setting up our social events.
Coming to Paris in September 2020, Mareike was looking for a way to meet people in the new city and was quickly convinced by the open and welcoming atmosphere of the club. With little experience in Triathlon she set out to improve her swimming technique and overall fitness. With a background in competitive teamsports Mareike is motivated to recreate this experience in the spirit of the club to support members in preparing and doing competitions together.

It’s thanks to her Service Civique within the Expatriés that Violette discovered both the team and triathlon (+ the fourth discipline).
Coming from an outdoor and earthly sports background, she struggled – but still managed, to succeed her first triathlon in 2018 (in a relay team!). As there is room for improvement and as the club atmosphere is beyond compare, she decided to stick around a little longer in the club and became part of the volunteer teams.


Fred joined the club in 2019 for preparing his first triathlon, being challenged to do so by his teammates. Few seasons later, he moved from XS to half-ironman and marathon. He is now certified triathlon initiator (BF5) and coach in mental preparation.


A recreational long-distance runner who’s been friends with many club members over the years, Gee finally decided it was time to take up triathlon in Fall 2018 and joined the club shortly after. In only one season, she was able to learn freestyle swimming and improve her cycling skills thanks to excellent guidance & coaching from the Expatriés coaches. When she’s not working her day job, running the streets of Paris or doing sprint workouts on the track, you may find her glued to her phone, taking photos and sharing stories from various club activities.


Guillaume joined the club initially to practice running.

The friendly atmosphere and supervision by a team of professionals immediately seduced him.  He found triathlon to be a fun and complete sport, and became passionate about it as well as for the 4th discipline 😉 He joined the management team in 2020.


Stéphanie was not into sports at all, and in 2017 she thought “ok it’s time to do something”. And because she doesn’t like simple things, she started with triathlon and joined the Expatriés, not knowing how to run or cycle, and barely surviving in a pool.

Oh, and Stephanie has a visual impairment, so if you see a blond girl at the back of a tandem, that’s her !

After two years of training, she completed her first Olympic distance in June 2019.
Loving the club, its atmosphere, the social events, the apéros, the friendly and strong support from everyone…  and willing to help more and be part of it, she decided to become a manager in September 2019.


Bettina found her love for triathlon in 2016 being a spectator at a triathlon in Nice, did her first Olympic triathlon in May 2017 and is hooked to anything triathlon related since. Unlike most people, Bettina didn’t really practice any of the 3 sports before on a regular basis. Her favorites are long distance races and long bike journeys. She is currently training for marathon and a full Ironman. Besides that, you can find her on a tandem or any club social event.


Martin joined the Expatriés Triathlon Club in April 2019 to finish his master’s degree in sport nutrition.
He is here to give all the interested licensees of the club, his expertise in nutrition (Individual nutritional care) in order to optimize physical performance and recovery of each.
Also interested about scientific research, he intends to develop during his internship a study showing the involvement of nutrition in the prevention of injury in sport.
Finally, as a passionate of sports in general and in order to understand and judge for himself the requirements and needs of the triathletes, he decided to start training with the Expatriés club.

So, if you have any queries or needs about nutrition, Martin is here to help and assist you! Don’t hesitate to contact him by mail! (


A recreational runner having completed a few half marathons and a marathon, Louise was looking for a new challenge and the encouragement and support of a team so joined the Expatriés in 2013. Her favourite element is swimming, particularly enjoying the challenges of sea swimming*, but also loves getting out of Paris on her bike. Competing in her first M distance in 2014, Louise has gradually built on this experience and in 2016 she completed her first L distance race. One of her goals for 2017 is to focus on improving the running.. (*exotic climates preferable).


Comes from a running background originally before joining the team in 2015. Tom was looking to improve his cycling and swimming performance to contribute to improved triathlon times. Tom has partaken in all triathlon distances and completed his first Ironman in 2016.


In the beginning, I was a biker. Start triathlon’s in 2011 and still alive!
I have a passion for mountains and cereal bar with banana.

I train very hard to improve myself in each field of triathlon, pub included.
I like the idea to get involved in something I believe.


Conrad started triathlon in 2018 while joining the club for a Service Civique. He had joined some others sports club before the Expatriés, but here, he discovered a very good atmosphere where the social aspect is really important.
Motivated by this good spirit, he started to train with two objectives: Have fun and race the Paris Triathlon M in 2019.


After building experience in open water swimming and running, James completed his first triathlon in his native UK in 2014. Upon moving to Paris later that year and discovering ‘real’ cycling, he returned from a triathlon hiatus to join the team in 2016. In the following 2017 season, he competed in multiple distance competitions, including his first marathon and L distance triathlon. His goals for the future are to improve his performance in the cycle and run disciplines, and to continue to survive every swim.


François has practised many sports, from off-piste skiing to Petanque, but what could be better than to do his 1ère season 2016-2017 with ExpaTRIés to discover Triathlon in competition? This is what he did beginning with the Paris Super Sprint competition run by the club (see photo), then following this an M distance Triathlon in his native Montpellier.
His objective: Progress with the joy and the humour of the ExpaTRIés!

Virgile started triathlon, and endurance sports in general, in 2015, following years of handball, american football and rugby. While he learned the hard way that being above 90 kgs is of no help whatsoever in any of the 3 triathlon legs, he loved competing in the Aix 70.3 and 5 other Olympic distances, but more importantly, had a blast training with the Expats.


Chris joined the club in 2016 after moving to Paris having originally taken up triathlon at University in the UK. Since then he has competed in a broad range of events, from Super Sprint to Ironman triathlons, a variety of different running and cycling events and even the very occasional swim if he has to! The main focus going forward is to explore Europe by finding interesting events, and improve overall performance.


Caroline joined the club in September 2015. A runner at heart and new to Paris, she joined the club as they looked like a fun group of people and decided to give the swimming and cycling a “tri” too. A social cyclist and a holiday swimmer she had a lot to learn in the pool and on the bike. Two years later, she has been convinced that combining the sports is more fun! The mix of training is great, especially training at Cergy and discovering the Brick sessions. In 2017 Caroline decided the L distance is her favourite and cycling holidays are the way forward! In the 2018 season she hopes to improve on the bike and take more cycling trips to discover France.


“We couldn’t find a group who did exactly what we wanted to do… so we created one”

Le club Expatriés Triathlon a été fondé à la fin de l’année 2007 à Neuilly-sur-Seine par David Sullivan et David Dancy.

Un anglais et un américain ont décidé de faire le geste audacieux de créer leur propre structure pour aider les gens comme eux à trouver les meilleurs itinéraires à vélo au départ de Paris.

Quelques années plus tard, la petite équipe de 10 personnes participait à  des compétitions de triathlon partout en France.

Atteignant 28 membres à la fin de la saison 2010 sous la présidence de Bob – un groupe officiel de directeurs était alors créé et les Expatriés devenaient peu à peu une véritable équipe de triathlon.

Lors du Triathlon de Paris de 2011, l’équipe des ExpaTRIés était l’une des mieux représentées et était reconnue pour organiser les meilleurs (et plus grands) pique-niques post compétition en Ile-de-France!

En 2012, avec Nick comme président, le club déménage officiellement à Paris pour devenir le club international de Triathlon de Paris. Le nombre d’inscrits et la notoriété du club grandissaient et bientôt l’équipe avait ses propres créneaux piscine avec un entraîneur. Le club commençait immédiatement à investir dans l’entraînement de ses adhérents pour améliorer la qualité des séances – qui elles-mêmes devenaient plus fréquentes de par l’enthousiasme des personnes impliquées. Le club atteignait les 50 membres.

En 2015/2016 Sylvain Dodet devenait l’entraîneur officiel du club. Le club était devenu une équipe solide à présent. Un plan d’entrainement annuel, sessions tous les jours, coaching individuel et des participations à des courses partout dans le monde, même les finales des championnats du monde d’Ironman!

En 2016/2016, Nick laissait sa place de Président pour assumer un poste administratif et continuer ainsi faire fonctionner le club et César assumait le leadership avec Kathryn en vice-présidente.

A présent (2019), le club compte plus de 200 membres, issus de 20 pays différents et propose 10 séances d’entrainement par semaine. Chaque année, nos membres sont présents à plus de 100 compétitions partout dans le monde.

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