HIM Aix-en-Provence – 1st May 2016

The whole weekend was one big adventure, we hadn’t bothered doing any mass coordination beforehand so people from the team where arriving in dribs and drabs all day friday, some were even already there having taken advantage to make it into a mini holiday. So when the 9 person minibus turned up the station on friday to […]

30-Day Plank Challenge 2015

This easiest way to build up your core muscles is buy building up your plank endurance. The easiest way to do that is via a team effort to keep yourself motivated. On December 1st the challenge begins…. 1) Select either the 3- or 5-minute goal. 2) Follow the daily schedule. 3) Come to Core Session […]

Windy in Deauville

by Lorenza The weather was great, and the atmosphere electric as usual. This is a wonderful competition with great music and fab speakers… Thousands of spectators and …  participants… ! Very sunny, but very windy !! The sea on the M distance was scary … strong current from right to left … about 30 contestants […]

Aix Individual Half-Ironman

Expatriés member Tom Scott shared his experience of last Sunday’s Aix Half-Ironman: Was a great day for it with an early start at the Lake of Peyrolles, 20KM from Aix. We all took buses early Sunday morning starting around 05:15. Plenty of time to do final bike preparation. The swim was great as the water was […]