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Run it like a Spartan: Chris’ and Andrea’s Athens Marathon

Most people know the history of Pheidippides, the Greek soldier who 2500 years ago ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks victory.. and then apparently died!! This spawned the name for the distance “Marathon” and in the first modern Olympics in 1896 it was started as the ultimate test of distance (albeit 40km not […]

Anaïs on the trail to Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Triathlon – S & M Distance – 26 August 2017 Race reporter Anaïs During Saturday’s race, as people watched us cycle up the hill leading to Plaine Joux under the 32°C heat, some supportive people were shouting “Allez, Courage”, but others were saying “Ohlala les pauvres, quelle souffrance !”. 3 years ago, I would’ve […]