Annual Training Plan

Zones – A Frame of Reference

For a group to be able to correctly follow any type of plan, we need to ensure that everyone has the same frame of reference, a speed that might seem simply ‘aerobic’ to some will be full on 100% effort for others !!

Below is our ‘frame of reference’ that we have developed, please take time to understand each level.

These references (Z1/Z2….etc..) will be used in training sessions to help everyone understand how much effort they should be putting in.

To maximise the benefit we advise members to understand their own speeds at each of these different levels, (for swim / bike and run) so that they can make a clear differentiation between the different levels during training.


These zone definitions have been developed simply for our own frame of reference.

The % max heart rate is indicative to give an idea of level of effort, individual max heart rates will differ as a function of your own personal calculations, which are wide and varied – so please do this calculation yourself, good advice on how to do this here.

Max heart rate levels are based on running, as a rule of thumb you can then reduce this by between 5%-10% for cycling and by a further5%-10% for swimming

Annual Training Plan

The Club’s target competitions for each season are based around the french triathlon season, with a particular  focus on the competitions in and around the Ile-de-France, as such our annual training planned is optimised with these competitions in mind.

Developed by our professional training team, our training sessions are based around the planning below, which essentially follows 3 ‘training periods’

  • Period 1 – Building the Base, from October through to January, lots of aerobic work, low intensity, technique, volume.
  • Period 2 – Competition Preparation, from January through to End April, slightly reduced volume, working on improving thresholds
  • Period 3 – Competition Season, May onwards – the hard work is done, working on speed and strength much less training volume

Table below shows by week what % of your training should be dedicated to what level of intensity (zone)

For weeks where there is a competition or recuperation, training should be light and not enter into these zones (max aerobic)