Welcome to Expatriés, the international triathlon club of Paris.

We take part in multi-sports events all over France, such as Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon, Bike and Runs, as well as Swim, Bike and Run races.

We’re open to all nationalities, and offer a unique way to discover the world of multi-sports, focusing on enjoying the sport and making friends.

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Dec 10 newsletter: How to look like a triathlete

ExpaTRIés sends out a weekly newsletter every Wednesday (or Tuesday, if we're feeling energetic), reminding readers of upcoming events, recapping past ones, sharing good deals on tri gear, as well as the occasional training tip. Do you want to receive this newsletter in your inbox?  Just click the subscribe button below. Sorry, ...
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Saint-Étienne to Lyon – Night Run

Dario reports back on his experience running the freezing, windy, muddy, hilly and yet a magical and warm 72K chain of lights heading from Saint-Étienne to Lyon. This was the 61th edition of "La SaintéLyon", a historical French "running raid nocturne" which took place the night (and morning) between Saturday 6th and ...
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How fast can YOU change a tire?

Much C02 was released into the atmosphere last Saturday, and this time it wasn't from team members' chatter! Expatriés Kathryn, Phil, Julio, Karen, Rajah, Wippy, Guillemette, & César gathered at Nick & Juliet's place for the first of our 'new style' bike repair clinics, led by team bike gurus Karsten and Roger. [gallery ...
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15km – Bike & Run de Houilles

 Last year, the first year that this event was held, there were 104 competitors and 4 from Expatriés. This year there were 170 entries with 12 from Expatriés!  Next year we should aim to be the biggest club there!    After a beautifully sunny Paris Bike and Run on road ...
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Semi-Marathon de Boulogne Billancourt

Paul G provides us this race report: Last Sunday was one of our regular races, the Boulogne Billancourt half marathon. This time we were proud to support the association "Les Enfants de l'Himalaya" ...
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Barcelona Olympic Tri

When you think of Barcelona, generally the first things that come to mind are sunshine, sangria and fiesta.  Pen, Clare and I were not quite so lucky when we embarked on this Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday the 6th October.  No Sangria - not sure our stomachs could tolerate it ...
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A Letter to the Expatriés Team

Dear expaTRIés members, It took me a while to summarise all my thoughts about the club into this short document. To be honest, Nick should have received this email almost one month ago. As I was afraid he might think I forgot about the team, I spent the whole afternoon ...
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Expatriés Alumni – Ironman Wales

A Word from the Expatries Alumni - Rob Ross Rob Nick asked me to write a few words about IM Wales which I completed this year.  A word of warning for any of you leaving Paris and becoming Expatries Alumni; there does seem to be a compulsion to complete an ...
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Ironman Weymouth – Expatriés Alumni

Friends, I finally did it - completed a Full distance triathlon (aka Ironman) at Challenge Weymouth on the sunny shores of Dorset (UK)! This is my story . . . My ironman journey started 2 Years ago after completing my first half distance at Challenge Vichy. Going into 2013 my ...
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Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer – XS

  Once a French naval air station, Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer is now a picturesque fishing village situated in south eastern France and on the 14th September 2014 was host to its 26th annual triathlon competition.  Two distances were available - XS and S.  I opted for the smaller distance in the morning as the sweltering heat of ...
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