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Olympic tri de Mont Blanc

Sallanches, France – Olympic  – 22 August 2015 By Julio Aprea I won’t go into the social and logistics aspects of the Triathlon de Mont Blanc as it is nicely covered by Louise for the sprint. Suffice to say that Sarah found amazing accommodation (details at end of post), the views ...
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Nora’s lessons learned from Mont Blanc

To complement Louise's race report of the Mont Blanc sprint tri, Nora shares some of her learning moments from the race. I thought i would note some of the problems that I encountered, because triathlons rarely go according to plan, and it is good if you know that up-front and ...
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Budapest 70.3 Half Ironman - 22 August 2015 - Chris Jamieson It was not going as planned... First the Rockstar, aka Rosario, had to abandon (rumours of some debauch hotel trashing related "sports injury" have been strongly denied by his agent...) Then the recent hot weather pumped up the water ...
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mont blanc sprint - finish

Sprint Triathlon de Mont Blanc

Sallanches, France – Sprint  – 22 August 2015 By Louise Waters, with Sarah Hosking & Nora Masters After an early start and a few train changes with heavy bike bags and luggage, Nora, Sarah, Julio and I arrived at Sallanches around midday on Friday. Thanks to Sarah’s very helpful bike bag-packing instructions, we ...
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La Traversée du Lac d’Annecy – 2.4k – 15 Aug 2015

La Traversée du Lac d'Annecy - 2.4k - 15 August 2015 This year we were 8 participating in the 84th annual Traversée du Lac d’Annecy. Kirsten swam the 1km and the rest of us (Rajah, Hilary, Ozlem, Matthieu, Karen, Anaïs, César) did the 2.4k – so to speak - as ...
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Sean and Cat raced Bewt

Bewt Triathlon, Kent UK - 8 August 2015 - by Sean Hurst With villages around the course named Lamberhurst, Wadhurst and Ticehurst this race had my name written all over it! A rather long 400km drive via Eurotunnel saw us arrive in the beautiful Kent countryside. After checking into the ...
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Ross completes Marseille 5i50 Olympic as part of a global challenge with a friend

Ross Taverner - Marseille 5i50 Olympic distance - 26 July 2015 It started with an idle challenge between two friends, an improbable idea of settling a bet that would likely never materialise. What is the midpoint between Paris and Hong Kong where two South Africans can compete against each other ...
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Hamburg Olympic Triathlon, Part II: Racing in Rain

Julio's saga continues! This is the continuation of a report on one of our bigger team events this year in Hamburg Germany last weekend. For part I of Julio's account, click here. The German Hamburg ITU triathlon is bigger, better and more perfectly organized when compared to French events. [There was ...
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Hamburg Olympic triathlon, Part I: Beers and Boats

By Julio Aprea Marie & Romain, Aurelie, Alex, Sarah &  Karsten, Ed, Philippe, Julio & Birgit, Ionut and Bertrand spent the weekend of July 19th 2015 having a nice touristic and gastronomic getaway in Hamburg. Although we were spread out between apartments and hotels, we managed to visit several restaurants ...
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Jersey Olympic Triathlon 2015 results in 4 personal bests!

Jersey Triathlon - Olympic Distance - 18 July 2015 By Joanne Ford This weekend Paul, Manuel, Celine and I took part in the Jersey Olympic distance triathlon. For those of you who have never visited, here are a few facts about Jersey:   -          It is definitely not to be confused ...
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