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Patrick’s Australian Olympic Triathlon

I decided to give myself an early challenge in 2018 with the Canberra triathlon - I couldn’t not do it! First because I would take the lead of the ExpaTRIés competition and that is an opportunity that will not repeat itself so easily 😉 and second, because I was back ...
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Stupid Sunday in Cernay

It is called Stupid Sunday, because, <for the uninitiated> getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning, to cycle 40-50km on the cold, dark and wet roads out of Paris, then run a Half Marathon competition, then get back on the bike and cycle home, might seem like madness. However ...
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Tom’s “bananas” SaintéLyon race report

Chris, Julien and myself headed down to Lyon on the train Saturday evening. Plenty of time to get ready for a race that started Saturday evening at 23h30 right? We headed straight to collect our bibs at the “Halle Tony Garnier” arena. The finish line happened to be situated inside ...
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Palaiseau Bike ‘n Run: if it’s not muddy then it’s only half the fun!

U.S. Palaiseau Tri Club - Polytechnique Bike 'n Run For those who don't know the format it's fairly straight forward - a team of two people with one bike and their choice how often they swap over between the runner and rider to maintain the best pace around the course ...
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Run it like a Spartan: Chris’ and Andrea’s Athens Marathon

Most people know the history of Pheidippides, the Greek soldier who 2500 years ago ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks victory.. and then apparently died!! This spawned the name for the distance “Marathon” and in the first modern Olympics in 1896 it was started as the ultimate test ...
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Julien’s First Mud Day at Trail des Châtaignes

Julien's First Mud Day at Trail des Châtaignes I'd like to start this race report by congratulating everyone who did participate. Given the very low entry fee, it would have been an easy decision to just bail when it was clear that the weather was going to be really bad ...
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Stephanie’s 1st triathlon at the glorious Chantilly Castle

Chantilly Sprint - 400m/20km/4km - August 26, 2017 Race reporter Stéphanie My decision to run a triathlon came out after a chat with my colleagues at a coffee machine: I just started running at the end of May and at first running 2km at 7:30min/km was a struggle (not that ...
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Anaïs on the trail to Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Triathlon - S & M Distance - 26 August 2017 Race reporter Anaïs During Saturday's race, as people watched us cycle up the hill leading to Plaine Joux under the 32°C heat, some supportive people were shouting “Allez, Courage”, but others were saying “Ohlala les pauvres, quelle souffrance !” ...
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Louise jumps in at Chantilly Sprint

Chantilly Sprint - 26 August 2017 - Castle Triathlon Series Race reporter Louise On the 26th of August 2017, for the first time of my life I completed a triathlon, the Chantilly Sprint triathlon. I am very new to triathlon. I had just come back from a one month holiday ...
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Race Like a Viking – Vivian at Challenge Iceland 70.3

Challenge Iceland 70.3 - July 23, 2017 Race reporter Vivian    #racelikeaviking The hashtag echoes the slogan, organizer and the weather on race day. #WOW  It really was a hella WOW viking race!  (the race is sponsored by WOW Air 😛 )   This is my first Challenge Family race, ...
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