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Bruno at Oeiras Sprint…a toilet-free event!

Oeiras Sprint - Portual - July 16th 2017 Race reporter Bruno My first participation in Oerias was in 2016; I returned this year with higher expectations for myself. It is one of the fastest races in Portugal and also one of the oldest, 2017 edition being the 30th. It is also ...
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The difference 0.2°C made for Miguel in Aix-les-Bains

Aquathlon du Lac du Bourget - S and M distance available / July 14th 2017 / Aix-les-Bains Race reporter Miguel Other Expats who participated: Antoine, Xenia, Rose, Djil et Côme C’était en parcourant les 10 000 évènements Meetup, que je suis tombé sur l’Aquathlon du Lac du Bourget. J’ai dû avoir ...
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Igor learns to count loops in Paris

Paris Triathlon 2016 + 2017 / Deauville Triathlon 2017 Race reporter Igor Dimanche 25 juin 2017 14h25, sur la plage de Deauville en combinaison de natation. Cinq minutes avant le départ, concentré, m’échauffant les bras, regardant la mer dans le groupe des « Elites »car il y avait de la place, je ...
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David is an Ironman in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Ironman - July 8th 2017 Race reporter David B The journey started on Friday morning catching the 9am train from Gare de l'Est to Frankfurt. A 4 hour journey that went by well, with only a few other people on the train apparently heading to the Ironman race (by ...
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Chmou is never going to give up

Ironman Hamburg - July 8th, 2017 Race reporter Chmou DNF! I did not finish the Ironman Frankfurt, something I was so looking to do for the last year, something I had so much invested and there I am not finishing it. I was very much hopeful before the race. I ...
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Super Woman Candice at Aquathlon des Venetes

Aquathlon Les Venetes - Morbihan - 8th July 2017 Race reporter Candice Coupling family logistics (school break is back) and getting in extra training for the Gauntelet in Chantilly, on a rainy evening I went googling for a race I could do in Brittany in Morbihan. On a whim I ...
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Luis is an Ironman Austria finisher!

2017 Ironman Austria - July 2nd 2017 Race reporter Luis This year’s Ironman Austria had approximately 3500 athletes, from about 65 countries. It is one of the biggest Ironman events in the world and takes place in Carinthia, a southern Austrian region in the eastern Alps. My Ironman day started ...
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Jessica planned her work and worked her plan at Paris Tri

Paris Triathlon - M distance - July 2nd 2017 Race reporter Jessica I’m not sure how a race report usually begins, but mine starts and (Spoiler!) ends with pasta. More than a year ago, I sat in Chris J.’s apartment as he patiently explained the ins and outs of how ...
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Bettina conquers Deauville

DEAUVILLE TRIATHLON - Olympic distance - 25th of June 2017 Race reporter Bettina Deauville was my second triathlon and the first one in open water, but this is not the only fact that made this race very special to me. My mum came all the way from Germany to support me ...
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Hilary named Countess of Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Challenge - 5km ocean swim with flippers - Marseille - June 24th 2017 Race reporter Hilary When I first heard about the Monte Cristo Challenge, way back last year, I knew that it was a race I *had* to do. The Count of Monte Cristo was one of ...
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